I'm a multidisciplinary designer and 3D artist. I create brand systems with modern app usage in mind, as well as design products and features with a nuanced and thoughtful approach. My skills span the entire design cycle, with a focus on high fidelity visual design. Over a decade working in-house with a variety of technology companies provides me with a deep understanding of how projects are built and what successful design looks like. My experience in agencies allows for a high level of visual quality, without the big studio overhead and lack of communication. And my background in game studios allows me to turn complex or dull moments into unexpected joy. I specialize in financial tech, social commerce, mobile experiences, and augmented reality. I thrive on projects looking for a divergent creative approach.


  • User Research
  • Design Strategy
  • Goals & Definition
  • Information Architechture

  • Design

  • Brand Identity
  • User Experience
  • Product Design
  • iOS and Android Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • AR/VR Prototyping
  • 3D Concept Design

  • Content

  • 3D Art
  • Iconography
  • Illustration
  • Marketing


I was born in Soviet Uzbekistan, grew up in Tel Aviv and now live in NYC Los Angeles with my husband and our growing art book and vinyl toy collection. Creativity was always my calling, and over the years I enjoyed branching out to new skills whether it's 3D, type lettering, fashion styling or animation. Both of my parents are entrepreneurs and I grew up accustomed to the hustle. After a decade of working in-house for a variety of startups, game companies and agencies, I decided to take a great leap of faith and start my own freelance business. There was a gap between what I saw offered from agencies and larger studios, to what startups and small companies actually needed. If you have a project in mind that you think I'd be a great fit for, feel free to get in touch.


Bringing personal attention to every project is one of the main reasons I'm running my own freelance business. I'm highly selective with the projects I take on and see myself as a dedicated design partner rather than a hired gun or a distant third party. Craftsmanship, empathy, directness, and authenticity guide my process, and I share and iterate often in a collaborative manner. Early-stage ventures and projects where I can make a significant impact are often my best fit. Most of all, it's important for me to provide the most value and solve real, measurable challenges. I'd be happy to help, whether you're a small company launching a new product or a more established one looking for a fresh perspective on an existing project. My process is flexible and tailored for each project, but generally speaking, it can include the following:


  • Concept and ideation
  • Design workshops
  • Research

  • Brand

  • Exploration
  • Core brand definition
  • Wordmark, brandmark, lettering
  • Typography and color
  • Supplementary components
  • Initial app usage

  • Product

  • Goal definition
  • Information mapping
  • High fidelity design
  • Styleguide development
  • Design QA
  • Developer handoff